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Renewable energy is the energy gathered from renewable resources that we can found on the earth, such as solar, wind, hydro, tidal, biomass, geothermal, etc.

As of today, over 80% of energy is gained from fossil fuels. The major disadvantage of fossil fuels is that they are non-renewable. Also, fossil energy causes environmental pollution. Not only that, they are ceasing rapidly.

So the renewable energy, also known as green energy is one of the most valuable topics that people should learn about and shift into in the next years as their major energy sources. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly and also reliable.

Here at Leafy Fuels, we provide you the most detailed and helpful guides and educational materials regarding every kind of renewable energy source discovered on the planet.

Our mission is to feed our readers with in-depth knowledge about every kind of renewable energy and related stuff. Our editorial team is looking into almost every corner of this topic and working every single day to provide high-quality educational content for you.

Let’s build a sustainable future with the use of green energy!

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